Couture skincare

Essential Body Couture Skincare is steeped in modern, adaptogenic phytoscience. It is for those who understand that great skin is an investment, value real results, and believe in real luxury.

Every Essential Body product is carefully formulated by me to guarantee efficacy. I meticulously hand-blend every product myself, and make no more than 100 bottles at a time. This means you get my personal signature and commitment to quality and purity, in each Essential Body bottle and jar.

Essential Body couture skincare is India’s first couture skincare and is entirely Founder-formulated and Founder-made.

Why My Formulations Work

Essential Body was birthed from my personal journey with serious weight loss (over 100 lbs.). As I lost weight, I witnessed rapid and drastic changes in my skin. My once-beloved products and all manners of treatments failed miserably. My skin needed a highly effective topical healer that was nourishing and gentle on my skin. I knew I had to remap my skin’s cellular structure to rebuild and strengthen my skin over time.  Four years of extensive study, research and self-testing later, I released the Essential Body range. Each undiluted ingredient has been selected by me to maximize its efficacy in healing and rejuvenating the skin, whilst addressing the needs of an overworked neurosensory system.

(Essential Body products never have, and never will be tested on animals!)

Pure, Undiluted Phytoscience

Only pure, plant-based ingredients find their way into my heart and my formulations. I have formulated each blend to work across most skin types and age groups. Yes, one intelligently, scientifically and carefully formulated product can work across skin types. This is where I tap into the science of phytobiology. By harnessing the adaptogenic properties and native intelligence of plants, I am able to give you 100% natural, unadulterated, pure formulations that give you REAL results, and feel absolutely luscious to the skin and the senses!

Exquisite, Handcrafted Leather Packaging

Essential Body products are packaged in exquisite handcrafted, genuine leather bags that showcase India’s rich heritage of leather craftsmanship. Sourced sustainably, my packaging helps to create employment for India’s leather artisans who are losing their art to the world of machine-made, mass produced leather goods and products.