The Essential Evolution

Birthed from my personal journey with losing over 120lbs/55 kgs, Essential Body is India’s first couture skincare.

Steeped in modern, adaptogenic phytoscience, Essential Body formulations work to balance the body's neurosensory system while remapping the skin's cellular matrix.

I firmly believe that the right nutrients can give lifelong results. This is what my formulations do. Life warrants living, and we needn’t be chained to our skincare regimes to bask in luscious skin.

And yes, one thoughtfully, scientifically-formulated product, can do it all.

Every Essential Body product is carefully formulated by me to guarantee efficacy. I meticulously hand-blend every product myself, and make no more than 100 bottles at a time. Which means you get my personal signature and commitment to quality, in every single bottle.

Essential Body is my soul’s calling. It is my gift to you to liberate you from the stress of relentlessly worrying about your skin.

Essential Body products are100% natural, non-toxic, free of mineral oils, fillers, nasties and other stuff. If it’s not in the ingredient list, it isn’t in the bottle.

Isn’t it time you finally embraced your best, essential self?

Essential Body Couture Skincare. Proudly made in India. For the world.


Paayal Mahajan

Founder, Formulator & Chief Dynamo

Essential Body