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The Elixir - Regenerative Face Oil

The Elixir - Regenerative Face Oil

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Discover the allure of my award-winning, global cult favorite – The Elixir. This intelligent formulation is your one-stop solution for nearly every skincare concern and is safe for most skin types. Whether you're in Mumbai, London, New York, or Abu Dhabi, indulge in this silky and lightweight elixir that gently, effectively, and potently addresses your skin's diverse needs.

Bid farewell to toners, eye creams, moisturizers, and more; The Elixir is the only skin superfood you'll ever need. Embrace freedom from multi-step skincare routines with my proprietary master-blend of 12 certified organic, cold-pressed dry oils, and therapeutic-grade essential oils. It creates absolute magic for your skin, soul, and senses, ensuring safety and efficacy for a wide range of skin types and concerns.

Elevate your beauty ritual to unprecedented heights with The Elixir!



Antioxidant; Anti-inflammatory; Balancing; Brightening; Cellular restructuring; Hydrating; Nutrient rich; Prevents oxidative damage;  Prevents breakouts; Reduces blemishes; Reduces oxidative stress; Reverses free radical damage; Soothing and healing; Strengthens the cells from within; Toning and firming; Treats UV damage; Vitamins A, B Complex, C, D, E, K, Omega 6, 9



Apply on clean skin – working from the chest to the neck and face. The 10-10-10 Technique is the best way to maximize application and benefit from this product.

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